The most important changes in the world have all come from the people pushing those changes from below. We believe that the issues most important to the people, workers, and environment of Boulder County should be expressed through a form of government which recognizes this, and which allows policy to be written directly by the communities most affected.

The primary drivers of change in Boulder County will not be corporations or politicians, but the people ourselves. It is our aim through the campaign and office of Commissioner to help build that power and give it voice.  


* Ban on all new fossil fuel extraction, infrastructure and

disposal of drilling waste

* No expansion of Gross Reservoir 

* Transitional programs for fossil fuel workers

* County recognition of the rights of nature 


Working Boulder County 

* County labor policy written by and for working people

* Equal pay for all Boulder County women

* Creation of a labor council for all working people within Boulder County

* Labor policy that will help workers unionize for the best wages and benefits and a voice on the job

* Wages and housing that allow all Boulder County workers to live in the community they serve

* Nurse-to-patient ratios in county medical facilities for best patient outcomes 


LGBTQ Rights and Equity

* County protection for LQBTQ community members in

all areas of Boulder County life

* Support for youth – led efforts on LGTBQ issues and 

events throughout the County

* Use of County resources for education and communication

for LGBTQ issues and events

* County support for LGTBQ workers and fight against all

discriminations in their places of work and employment


Regenerative Agriculture

* County agricultural policy led by local farmers and the

community they serve 

* Farming for locally grown nutritious food 

* Agriculture conducted to enhance the quality of the Boulder

County water, soil, land and climate

* Enable and assist, not hinder, the ability of our farmers to

earn a

livelihood based on a sustainable and diverse agricultural




* Quality, accessible housing for Boulder County residents and workers

* Imposition of Luxury Housing Tax on homes worth more than $1 million to fund affordable housing efforts


A Democratically Run Economy

* Publicly owned banking for Boulder County 

* Municipal broadband with full net neutrality

* Rail service and 21st century public transportation

* An end to poverty, racial and gender discrimination in

Boulder County

* An economy that protects and is informed by the needs

of the natural environment


Immigrant Rights and Protections

*Full support for Boulder County’s documented and

undocumented communities

*Build pathways for immigrant community members

to run for county boards and Commissioner’s office

*Prohibition of County funding or support of ICE

*County resources and platform to protect documented

and undocumented workers at their places of employment


21st Century Public Transportation

* Establishment of FasTracks through Boulder County

* End the public-private partnership that has bought the construction of 21st century rail to an unacceptably slow pace

* Use of public banking to fund construction of public transportation for Boulder County

* End support of road privatization


Local Democracy

* Place home rule status to a direct vote of Boulder County community members

* Establish a Boulder County home rule charter to craft governmental decision making by all community members

* Use of County government and resources to mobilize public support to end state preemption of all Colorado communities

* End to three-Commissioner rule and transition to proportional representation in County government 

© 2018 Willmeng for Grassroots Power