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Press Release: We Are Gaining in the Race For Boulder County Commissioner

We can make history in Boulder County and we need a little help

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Cliff Willmeng, candidate for Boulder County Commissioner, is drawing statewide media attention in an election critical for the environment and working people in Boulder County, Colorado. Willmeng, a leader in the fight to protect Colorado communities from oil and gas drilling (fracking), has been building endorsements, volunteers, and media coverage. His first campaign video, released this week, had over 3000 views within 12 hours of posting. His social media followers surpassed those of the candidate Senator Matt Jones, and over 100 volunteers are now working on Willmeng’s campaign.

Campaign video link

Willmeng has most recently secured the national endorsement the national Democratic Socialists of America, the fastest growing socialist organization in the country and the force behind winning grassroots candidates nationally. The endorsement adds to Willmeng’s list of endorsing organizations, unions, and community leaders.

The race for Boulder County Commissioner is taking place against a backdrop of rising housing costs, stalled construction of public rail, flat county wages, and, beginning in 2019, the drilling of over 1800 oil and gas wells. While current politicians voice their “concerns,” Willmeng is the only candidate fighting to ban fossil fuel extraction within the County. As a rank and file Vice President of UFCW Local 7, he is the only union member running for office in Colorado. If elected Willmeng would become the first socialist to serve as a Commissioner in Boulder County history.

Willmeng’s platform spans issues from environmental protection to democratization of County government, creation of public banking, strengthening the Boulder County’s workforce through paid family medical leave, and the first County-level nurse-to-patient ratio law in the United States.

Campaign Platform

The campaign will be working at full capacity leading up to the November 6 election with door knocking, public events, interviews, and house parties supporting the momentum and growing interest in Willmeng’s campaign.

How to help:

1. Like and share the Facebook page, events, and posts. 2. Make a donation. 

3. Set up a meet and greet in your town.

4 .Put up a yard sign and distribute them to your friends/family/coworkers/neighbors.

5. Write a supporting letter to the editors of the Daily Camera, Boulder Weekly, Colorado Independent, Yellow Scene, Hometown Weekly or Longmont Times.


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