Protecting the Boulder County Environment

"Cliff Willmeng is the only candidate running that will ban drilling in Boulder County." 

Cliff has been at the center of the ongoing grassroots efforts to protect the environment of Boulder County since 2012. Drawing on his experience as a volunteer community organizer Cliff helped to found East Boulder County United, the longest standing grassroots group fighting oil and gas drilling on Colorado’s front range. EBCU was part of the historic effort that forced the end of fracking in Boulder County, already underway on Boulder County’s open spaces. These early victories are now the main battleground facing renewed efforts for drilling permits being advanced by the oil and gas industry and Boulder County politicians. 

Behind all environmental destruction is the political system which prioritizes profit over science and the mutual needs of people and the ecology we depend on. Although oil and gas drilling in Boulder County is perhaps the largest threat to our local environment, local ecology is also being damaged by extractive agricultural practices, deforestation, and profit-driven development.


There are additional projects in the works like the proposed gravel mine on the St. Vrain River and the Gross Dam expansion project that would profoundly damage local water, air and ecology. All of these issues require independent political leadership that can help mobilize the public voice and turn back centuries of extractive politics and law. The dominant, apologetic approach to environmental threats cannot protect the environment and public health. Cliff Willmeng offers a independent political strategy and leadership that no other in the race for County Commissioner can.  

Environmental Platform

* Ban on all new fossil fuel extraction, infrastructure and disposal of drilling waste

* No expansion of Gross Reservoir 

* Transitional programs for fossil fuel workers

* County recognition of the rights of nature

* Prohibition on new mining projects including the Martin Marietta gravel mine

* Full County support for regenerative, sustainable agriculture

Record on the Boulder County Environment


  • Formed East Boulder County United, 2012, the longest-running and most well-known grassroots group to oppose drilling on Colorado’s Front Range

  • Organized and lead six years of public educational forums on:     - The inherent environmental and medical dangers of        hydraulic fracturing,                                                                  - The legal system which disenfranchises communities and mandates environmental destruction for corporate profits         - The political history of the fight against oil and gas drilling in Colorado                                                                                - Strategic and historic use of non-violent civil disobedience    - Organization community meetings to build independent grassroots political power

  • Assisted Our Longmont in the campaign to ban hydraulic fracturing, 2012

  • Organized protests against the Colorado Oil and Gas Association political officials advancing drilling in Boulder County and pro-drilling Governor John Hickenlooper





























  • Along with East Boulder County United, applicant to defend Lafayette Community Bill of Rights against litigation of Colorado Oil and Gas Association

  • Co-founder, Boulder County Community Rights Network

  • Campaign co-lead for Boulder County home rule status to ban oil and gas drilling

  • Proponent of 2014 state ballot initiative, Colorado Community Rights Amendment

  • Campaign co-leader, Colorado Community Rights Amendment



  • Campaign organizer, Colorado Community Rights Amendment

  • Co-Founder national Community Rights Network

  • August, 2016: Helped fundraise and deliver first supplies from Lafayette to Standing Rock in the First Nations’ fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

  • Co-Founder, Labor For Standing Rock, bringing union member from across the country to support the No DAPL fight with labor for camp Oceti Sakowin and fund raising of over $20,000. All fund went directly to the local fight of First Nations

  • October, 2016: Wrote and campaigned for Colorado’s first municipal resolution in support of Standing Rock. It would pass the Lafayette City Council’s vote unanimously.

  • Wrote and promoted Colorado’s first union resolution in support of Standing Rock. UFCW Local 7 endorsed the resolution and gave $2000 to the First Nation’s fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline


  • With East Boulder County United and the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, co-authored the Lafayette Community Bill of Rights, the most comprehensive ban on fossil fuel extraction in Colorado state history.

  • Campaign organizer for Proposition 300, Community Bill of Rights August, 2013 – November, 2013

  • Core Team member, Frack Free Colorado

  • With EBCU and Frack Free Colorado organizer of campaign against drilling in Boulder County

  • Assistant petitioner, Our Broomfield campaign for five year moratorium on drilling

  • Campaign victory, June 2013. Boulder County Commissioners reverse decision to end moratorium

  • Photographer of thousand-year floods in Colorado’s oil field. Covered by Rolling Stone, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and international press

  • Advisor for Merrily Mazza, candidate for Lafayette City Councilor

  • Lafayette passes Community Bill of Rights by over 60% of the community vote

  • Merrily Mazza, community rights candidate opposing drilling elected of Lafayette City Council

  • Co-Founder, Colorado Community Rights Network


  • Cowriter, Lafayette Climate Bill of Rights. This measure codified the right to a healthy climate for all Lafayette community members and attempted to help enforce this right though the legalization of nonviolent civil disobedience. A similar law was adopted by Grant Township Pennsylvania and was described in Rolling Stone.

  • Cowriter, Boulder County Community Bill of Rights

  • Advocate for the Colorado Community Rights Act, state legislation which would give communities superior rights to corporations and which would allow the banning of inherently dangerous industrial processes like drilling, mines, and damn expansion.


  • Candidate for Boulder County Commissioner, running on the strongest environmental platform currently in Colorado. 

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