"We believe in building an independent party of the working class" -CW 

Cliff Willmeng is not a politician. He is a father and husband and has always been a wage-earner and member of the working class. Starting out as a dishwasher at the age of twelve, Cliff has worked in jobs from restaurants to convenience stores, to construction and nursing, where he is employed today. As the main provider for a family of four he understands what it means for families and working people living and employed in a County where the cost of living continues to rise.

As an established fighter for working families for over twenty years, Cliff Willmeng will bring the experience, understanding, and passion to build a Boulder County that respects and honors those people than make it run. 



We would like to thank the 23,000 union grocery, food  and healthcare workers of UFCW Local 7 for everything they do. And thank you to all the people that make Boulder County run. 

 * County labor policy written by and for working people

 * Use of the County to fight for living wages and rent control for working families

 * Nurse-to-patient ratios in county medical facilities for best patient outcomes and safest health care working conditions 

 * Programs to transition fossil fuel workers to sustainable energy careers 

 * Wages and housing that allow all Boulder County workers to live in the community they serve

 * No use of County resources for ICE or for attacks on undocumented workers 

 * Rail service for 21stcentury transportation to be built by high paying union labor

 * Creation of a County-wide Labor Council to mobilize the Boulder County workforce to fight for better working conditions, wages and benefits for all workers 

* Family medical leave for Boulder County workers

* Equal pay for all Boulder County women



Working people don't need representation. We need to be building power and representing ourselves.  

- 1999, Seattle: Participated in mobilization against global corporate trade agency, the World Trade Organization. More than 50,000 trade unionists involved. Later cofounded the Chicago Direct Action Network, which fought on working class issues from the construction of Cesar Chavez High School, cut to public housing, and assisted national mobilizations against corporate trade.


- Coverage: The Battle in Seattle, 1999


- 2000: Joined United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Local 1, Chicago IL. Job steward.


- 2001: Cofounded Carpenters For a Rank and File Union in opposition to UBC withdraw from AFL-CIO. CRFU built rank and file union activist across the Chicago District Council of Carpenters and made connections to building trade organizations nationally. Building on a full platform of issues, CRFU succeeded through multiple organizing channels to reduce retirement age by two years for over 34,000 members.


- Chicago Reader coverage, SUITS VERSUS BOOTS


- Strategist, successful union organizing campaign at Chicago newspaper



- Campaign against cuts to Chicago Transit Union, stopped over 3600 job cuts

from Chicago public transportation system


- 2007: Student strike leader in support of AFT Local 1600,

Chicago City College teacher’s strike.


- 2015 – 2016: Community advocate and supporter of Lafayette Firefighter’s

successful unionization campaign. Won through municipal ballot initiative with

over 70% of the vote, this established Lafayette’s first public service union,

IAFF 4620



- 2016: Cofounder, WE DO THE WORK podcast. Worker- run journalism covering labor issues across Colorado and the United States.

                                                                       * Downloaded in 29 countries on six continents

                                                                       * Followed by over 2000 people

                                                                       * More than 100,000 video views with over 1 million likes


*** We Do The Work was instrumental in reversing planned paycuts for hundreds of front line health care workers in Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth hospital systems.


- 2016: Entered Kaiser Permanente, joined UFCW Local 7. Rock Creek Kaiser job steward in December of 2016.


- 2017: Elected 8th Vice President, UFCW Local 7 Executive Board

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